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So sad Amber, everyone will miss Bert. Such an important fellow.


Hi, I'm a Kids' Craft Weekly subscriber who checked out your blog. So sorry to hear about your dog! I lost my 13-year-old dog in October, and I was a little surprised at how upset I was. She was more tightly woven into my life than I realized until she was gone. I knew I loved her, but I didn't know how big the dog-shaped hole would be when she was gone.
Hope the drawings help - they are great. Made me cry!


I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your dear friend. I've been there over and over again for nearly 4 decades, with pets of every type, and it's just a terribly hard part of life, the love we have for our animals. If we didn't love them so much it wouldn't be so hard to say goodbye. In my experience, the only way to get over it is to get another pet, and dang, if that just doesn't set me up again to go through it all over again down the read. And yet, I do again,because that bond with have with out animal friends is so wonderful, and so healing.

Thank you for sharing this bit of yourself, and thank you for the Kids Craft newsletter.



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