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Really beautiful little panel - i for one would like to see the rest of what looks like a cuddly sad little story...


I'm a kids craft weekly subscriber - which I love and I'm not good at following instructions but it's so inspirational - and I just read the article about you in Mixtape and now I've found your great and funny comics and blog. Best wishes for 2009, I hope it brings some better times.


Like Gina, I want you to know what an inspiration you are to mamas all over this world. The cards that my son got in the mail from all over show me how far your reach is.

I am so sorry about the loss of your dear friend Bert. He was obviously very well loved, and a very lucky dog to be loved so much.

Here's to good things in 09!


I'm so sorry to hear times are so hard right now.... : ( I really feel for you about your dog.... it's so devastating to lose a pet and i'm not sure if I'm reading correctly but if I am and you are suffering with an illness, don't want to drink WINE (?!?!) and perhaps you have separated from your husband...??? Oh my... I'm so very sorry and I wish you much strength to come through this and emerge with peace and a new sense of self.

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